Participant Testimonials

“By the time I am done exercising I feel so much better and it just lifts my spirit. I am grateful for Connie’s curriculum because it’s entertaining and it helps me maintain my independence.”  –Gladys, age 73

“I am 76 years old and I think I am pretty capable of doing anything! There are limitations—but I owe a lot to what the exercises have meant to me. The benefits are really so strong and positive in your life.  You learn how to listen to your body a lot more, to understand how things work together to make life better for you. And you realize that you can function well and become more involved in the lives of people you love.”  –Peggy, age 76

“I had never lifted weights before. I was amazed at how much better I felt once I built up some muscle strength. Everyday tasks of carrying groceries or shoveling walks became easier. I went bowling for the first time in years and was surprised by how much easier it was to control the ball. It made the game so much more fun.”  –Rebekah, age 78

“The hands and finger exercises have improved my agility and my ability to overcome the arthritic condition which prevented me from even opening a jar.  I can do that quite easily now.” -–Steve 71

“You will feel better if you are more flexible and you have a certain amount of stamina and strength.  Just feeling better will make you more engaged in the world in general.”  –Scott, age 68

“I used to play puzzles with my grandchildren and get down on the floor. But the question was:  Am I going to get back up? I was attracted to the balance, flexibility and strength exercises because I am not worried about getting littler. At this age I am worried about being more fit.”  –Joyce, 71

“I can see my 90 year-old mom enjoying this work-out too!”  –Pam, age 65

“My grandsons think it’s great that Grandma can do crunches and mini-push-ups.”  –Peggy, age 76

“The exercise helps me get up and down stairs and do housework. The arms and shoulders with overhead presses help me to wash windows! Front rows help me with gardening. Lateral exercises help me shake rugs and make the bed.” –Gladys, age 73

“One of the things that has resulted from these exercises is my ability to interact with my family. My family is growing with a recent marriage and now a new grandson. I have a great deal to look forward to.  It recalls the days when my kids were young and I was much more active with them.  Now I can relive that even though I am almost seventy-two!” –Steve, age 71

“I was just visiting my grandchildren. On the plane back, I had my carry-on luggage. I had to lift it up and put it on the overhead compartment—and I could!”  –Peggy, age 76

Business Partners

Our client list is growing! These businesses and care providers have already added Independence® to their offerings:

Right At Home*
ComForcare Homecare*
Visiting Angels
Synergy Home Care
Senior Helpers
Handi Medical
Touching Hearts at Home
Saint Anthony Park Home
Ecumen Country Partners
Many Lakes Home Care
Cherished Companions
Home Nursing Services
Affordable HomeCare
Cara Vita Home Care
Kadan Home Care
Arcadia Home Care & Staffing
*National pilots underway or completed

Our hats off to them all for putting the health and wellness of their clients at the forefront of their care!